Zimbabwean Satire Group tours Germany

Jul 17, 2017

Creators, Zimbabwe’s popular satirical show Zambezi News toured Germany where they participated at two major festivals.

Satirical show Zambezi News during their perormance Enlarge image Satirical show Zambezi News during their perormance (© GIC Africa) The trio of Samm Farai Monro, Michael Kudakwashe and Tongai Makawa attended the 4th edition of the AfriCologne Festival of African Arts which ran from June 14 to 21 in Cologne and the Global Media Forum hosted by Deutsche Welle from June 19 to 21 in Bonn.

“It was great was great to be able to share our humorous message from Zimbabwe to a global audience. We are proud that Zambezi News is being globally recognised as cutting edge satire and new media and is getting to share the stage with leading media disrupters,” said co-creator Monro who appears on the show as news anchor Jerome Weathers.

Zambezi News is a popular satirical comedy which caricatures the official broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (renowned for churning out state propaganda) and pokes fun at politicians in a country where open criticism of the ruling elite can get one arrested.

The show launched its fourth season at its base in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare. At the AfriCologne festival the political cabaret Zambezi News featured during the dialogue forum on Fake Democracy on June 17 which featured participants from eight African countries discussing and showcasing artistic performances under the topic “Democracy In Africa.” The festival comprised 12 productions including co-productions and guest productions from the fields of theatre, dance and performance. Productions were presented with German sub-titles.

Satirical show Zambezi News during their perormance Enlarge image Satirical show Zambezi News during their perormance (© GIC Africa) On June 19, the Zimbabwean cabaret was subject of a discussion at the Global Media Forum on the role of political satire in encouraging citizens to engage in effective social and political dialogue under the topic: “Getting Away with Humour under Mugabe.”

The festival, regarded as one of the biggest media festivals in Europe, ran under the theme of identity and diversity.

The German tour came after Zambezi News performed at the inaugural Nairobi Satire Festival in Kenya. The show has toured several countries over the past two years including the United Kingdom, the United States and Belgium.

© GIC Africa

Zimbabwean Satire Group tours Germany

Satirical show Zambezi News during their perormance

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