Zimbabwean singer collaborates with German reggae band

Jul 13, 2017

Zimbabwean soul singer Prayer Mtamangira, better known by his stage name PrayerSooul launched an album featuring popular German reggae band Jamaram and solo artist Samy Danger.

Zimbabwean soul singer Prayer Mtamangira Enlarge image Zimbabwean soul singer Prayer Mtamangira (© GIC Africa) The 10-track album titled “While I Was Away” marks Mtamangira’s return to music after a brief lull while trying out his luck as a businessman. “The new album is a shift from past productions and is more of a collaborative effort incorporating input from our friends from the band Jamaram and solo artiste Samy Danger,” PrayerSoul told GIC on June 20.

“We have a great working relationship with Jamaran and Samy Danger. It was a good opportunity to work together while learning from each other.”

“The themes covered on the album include the universal themes of life, love and hope with songs based both on individual experiences as well as songs of hope saying to the youth they should pick themselves up and go instead of being held down by negativity.”

It includes two songs produced in Munich where PrayerSoul had a stint in 2014 as a resident artist at Villa Walberta

Jamaram appears on the song Asipo Ndiwe (Shona for You are the only element missing) adding vocals while Samy Danger chips in with vocals and his songwriting skills, adding a verse to the track Miles Away about long-distance relationships – common phenomenon in Zimbabwe where economic hardships have divided many partners as one or both parties are forced by circumstances to search beyond the country’s borders for the proverbial greener pastures. Jamaram and Samy Danger have performed at Zimbabwe’s premier arts and music showcase Harare International Festival of the Arts.

Zimbabwean soul singer Prayer Mtamangira Enlarge image Zimbabwean soul singer Prayer Mtamangira (© GIC Africa) PrayerSoul, a university major in sociology wound up as a musician by accident. With an unemployment rate topping 80 percent, Prayersoul found himself joining earlier graduated already waiting in a long queue for jobs in his chosen field and decided to while up time as a part-time musician. “While I was sending Cvs for jobs, I started getting calls for paid gigs, that’s how my career as a full-time musician began." he said.

PrayerSoul became a household name after appearing at a series of shows dubbed “acoustic nights” at the Zimbabwe-German Society in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare.

© GIC Africa

Zimbabwean singer collaborates with German reggae band

Zimbabwean soul singer Prayer Mtamangira

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