Eco volunteers

May 19, 2017

What happens when five young people head to different continents to do some green-volunteering? Follow their adventures as they take on new languages, solar energy, organic farming and wild African animals.

eco@africa Enlarge image eco@africa (© DW) To spend a year abroad just to help the planet, a person needs plenty of courage, curiosity, a sense of adventure – and a green heart. These are things our five volunteers from Germany and Africa have in spades. They are spending a year working on green projects and blogging for eco@africa about their experiences. Ursula Wittekind is helping to educate people about renewable energy and environmental issues in Zanzibar, while Vincent Lutz and Lucas Steinbach assist at a wildlife park in Malawi. Ewokolo Nangoh from Cameroon and Shahaya Shao from Tanzania are lending a hand at organic farms in Germany. Exciting as the time away may be, it isn't always simple. For instance, Shao not only has to tackle German but also Plattdeutsch - the unusual dialect of the region she is living in. And Ursula speaks only in Kiswahili with her guest family in Zanzibar. 

Keep up with their eco adventures here.


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