Can teenagers be coding teachers?

Oct 27, 2016

Definitely! As part of the Africa Coding Week - a program funded by German software company, SAP teaching coding to children across Africa -  10 “Computer Facilitators” between the ages of 13 and 16 years have shown that it is possible!

Teenages teaching to code Enlarge image Teenages teaching to code (© Bridging gaps ) The past weekends, they taught a group younger students how to get started with a computer and create their own App. Seeing this team of teenagers helping younger students creating their first lines of code, it sounded unreal that some of them had never used a computer when they started the project in May, 2016.

Their development and graduation as official Africa Code Week Trainers was made possible by volunteers from SAP; the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria and Bridging Gaps, a NPO which aims to support future leaders. Over the past weeks, they organized workshops to train the youngsters how to use a computer and how to get stared with “Scractch”, a Coding Program for children.

At the beginning of the project, Morongoa Masemola and Juliane Hoss, who have been working with these teenagers for more than two years as part of the projects of Bridging Gaps, tried to explain the concept of Coding. The youngsters had never heard of a software let alone used a computer to code.

Students helping each other Enlarge image Students helping each other (© Bridging gaps ) Looking back, Nikisha (15), one of the young “Computer facilitators" is proud of her achievements: “The learner's had fun creating their own games. At the beginning of the class, I personally felt nervous because I had to explain to them step by step. But with the help of my team, I managed to do a great job. Even though they struggled at some points of the lesson, in the end, they understood how to make their own sprite (a character as part of the App) - they got it. I must say today went well.”

After the program and their graduating as official "Computer Facilitators”, the teenagers are now ready to equip the younger generation with computer literacy skills - skills that are crucial to the future of South Africa and the whole continent.

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